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Born on February 12, 1974. I grew up in Berkshire, Windsor Great Park.

Lives and works in South Wales with my Wife Lisa and son Alfie, who is fifteen years old. I work for the YouTube channel, The Global Mountain Bike Network. I do some presenting and also write scripts and help with the social media side of things a bit. It’s a great team of people & I love it.

I’m also starting to do some public speaking, talking about my journey/story as well as being  sponsored by Animal Clothing and WD40 for MTB action too, like making videos etc - Back on Track. 

Values: Family, Gratitude, Excitement, Laughter and a good movie.

Accomplishments: During my Mountain Bike career I’ve been World Champion  and British Champion, held a few Guinness World Records and also been inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. My ‘Road Bike Party’ videos have gained nearly 30 million views on YouTube, which I’m really proud of. I was the first paraplegic to ride a standard two-wheeled Mountain Bike on a downhill course for the ‘Back on Track’ video.

Life line: Exceptional from the waist up ;-)

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